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Hotmail is known to be the best web-based email services across the globe. It can refer to a desktop email, web-based email client and online email service. This popular domain dominated the Brazilian, Australian, and European markets for email providers. It is established by Microsoft and in 2013 it is rebranded as Certified senders may face issues with email delivering to the spam folder, recovering a hacked account or forgot password, etc. which are resolved with ease and comfort by our experts. Hotmail Customer Service Australia is always available for users who face difficulties while accessing its interface or settings.

Why should you choose Hotmail Support Phone Number?

You may come across many platforms offering help services for different issues. It becomes a hard choice to opt for the best one. We here provide you with the reasons why you should go for Hotmail Customer Care Service. Firstly, our platform aims to provide effective resolutions to all encountered issues. Users are provided the result-oriented solutions in just one go. Our established center provides the best help service from years and is admired because of professional ethics. All the techies are well-trained and might not need to swap. You need not to wait in the queue to get your calls picked. Our separate helpdesk is also an advantage for you. Your time and efforts are kept in mind while providing a solution. So without giving a second, choose us and issues rectified

How to Contact Hotmail Support?

We suggest you giving us a call as soon as you face the problem. Do not let the issue become major. You can use our Hotmail Customer care Number 1-800-958-211 to get instant responses. We also provide email services and render solutions there. Just Dial our number and Get satisfactory results from our highly-experienced technicians.

What Issues are faced By Hotmail Customers?

No doubt Hotmail is winning the hearts of users with its innovative features and services. But, has it proved to be the error-free platform? The answer is obviously NO, as there is no email service provider immune to issues. No matter how featured or customized user-interface Hotmail provides, you can experience issues related to login, account settings, privacy settings, hacking, blocking, sending mails, etc. You must know the right direction to seek help. Whenever you fail to access your profile smoothly get Hotmail online support live chat services for immediate help. You will be served by the top-class engineers with 100% satisfactory results. It is a reliable and affordable platform that can solve any problem no matter how big or small it is.

As Hotmail users in millions then it is obvious that they may come across difficulties and especially the new users. Hotmail Technical Support here provides a list of technical glitches that come your way.

Signup or login related issues

Errors regarding Password ( forget, change, reset or recover)

Recovering disabled or hacked account

Unable to attach images & documents like PDF, word file, PPT etc

Problems in sending and receiving emails

We are here to assist you in case of having the above-mentioned issues. Let your problem be major minor, regarding profile picture, account settings, privacy settings we recommend useful tips. Reach us to learn more about Hotmail and its services.

We help in resolving the above mentioned webmail related issues

What Facilities are provided by Hotmail Account?

There are many features that may impress you. Hotmail is admired because of its features like push email, calendar, and contact through Exchange ActiveSync. There are other usable facilities like a prominent “Sign out” link, a prominent “reply” option in conversation mode and “view messenger source”.

Latest ones are mentioned below:

  • Tracking packages referenced in an email from Hotmail.
  • Enjoy chatting with Facebook friends.
  • Its new versions have come with new services & products to extend users’ experience on Windows. This new suite is called Windows Live.
  • Hotmail provides spam filters feature, virus scanning & storage up to 250-MB.
  • You get a scheduled calendar & option to save contacts in an address book.

To get know about more features you can connect with our experts. Hotmail Support will help you in gaining benefits of each feature provided to in Hotmail.


Microsoft is known for developing, licensing, supporting, selling computer software, consumer electronics, PCs and providing related services. It is also a leading vendor of mobile and gaming systems and cloud services. It has introduced MS-DOS, Microsoft office, Windows OS, Windows server OS, MS Office, Internet Explorer, and much more. Users delighted by its service because it keeps bringing updates and features to enhance and ease the experience.

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It is a personal information manager which is a part of Microsoft Suite. Mainly it’s used as an email app which also includes a contact manager, note taking. Journal calendar, task manager and web browsing. Users can use it stand as a stand-alone app and also work with MS Exchange server & MS SharePoint Server for multiple employees in a firm. Its mobile application is also released for platforms like iOS & Android.

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Office 365

Office is a line of subscription service provided by Microsoft. It covers plans that allow the use of MS office suite over the life of the subscription. It is also used as a cloud-based software as service products for business environments like hosted exchange server, Skype for a business server, & SharePoint among others. The plans consist of automatic updates to the respective software at no additional charge.

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Hotmail Account

Hotmail can be used to create a free account. It is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, calendars, tasks & calendaring services. It is considered as one of the best email service designed by Microsoft. As a part of the Windows Live suite of products, MSN Hotmail is rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail.

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Skype is an outstanding telecommunications application software. It specializes in rendering video chat & voice calls between PCs, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console via web. Additionally, it provides instant messaging services. Users prefer using Skype because they can share digital documents like images, text, & video and send text & video messages.

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Microsoft has provided MSN which is used as a web-portal and related collection of Internet services & app for Windows & mobile devices. Earlier it was a subscription-based dial-up online service which later became an ISP called MSN Dial-up. MSN is also used as a brand name for an ample variety of products & services, especially Hotmail, messenger and its web search engine. Its domain name is

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It is also referred to as Windows live messenger, a cross-platform instant messaging client launched by MS. It is compatible with Yahoo! Messenger & Facebook messenger. It’s wonderful features and service have attracted over 330 million active users each month and increasing day-by-day. It is compatible with Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Blackberry OS, iOS, Java ME, S60 etc.

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It provides a free platform for the users to sign up and enjoy Hotmail email service provider. It is admired because of its user-friendly interface and attractive features. Focused inbox, powerful spam filter, smart filters, Windows integration, add-ins are some of the outstanding features it offers.

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