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Hide Group Conversation View in Hotmail Account

Leo Nicol 13 May, 2019 0

If you don’t want to show people that you’re online or reading their conversation on the group, you can simply turn off the conversation view on your Hotmail account. Usually, by default, the conversation threads view is turned on by the Microsoft Outlook. That means, rather than instead of showing email message one by one, Hotmail will group them by conversation. With the default sort, each threat that gets the most recent replies will move to the top whenever it included a new viewer. Once you tap on a message or conversation all emails you composed and the replies will show up in the folder. If you see a number of parentheses you can say the conversation threats are turned on.

To hide the conversation on your Hotmail accounts continues reading this document and pursue each step closely-

  • Access any web browser and navigate to Hotmail sign in page.
  • Enter your username and password in the required box.
  • Once you have logged into your account, click on the settings button and then select options from the context menu.
  • Tap on the Group by conversation and pre-load messages link.
  • By default the conversation settings have the Group messages by conversation option is selected.

From this point on, you will no longer see the related messages stacked on top of one another when you tap on the latest mail in the thread. Although, you’re still depending on your recipient reply settings in their mailing program. To know more or resolve any doubt, you can contact our talented experts who are there to resolve your all queries. They have years of experience and trained with the professional so they can solve you all issue at ones. We have hired the best and quintessential executives that can assist you will call or message depends on how you contact them. To reach us, you have plenty of good options available, you can dial our Hotmail Support Number or drop a message on live chat or email service at Hotmail Support. Once you reach us, the experts will completely resolve your issue and provide you error free access of your email account.