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How to add an event in the Hotmail calendar?

Leo Nicol 20 June, 2019 0

Calendar in an email account is a great idea to keep people ready for the events or meetings. This will notify you before you have your meeting and make you prepare so you don’t be late. What you need to do is, create your Hotmail account and enable the calendar. Select a date, add a description, mention timing when you want the notification pop up and then save it so it will remind you. Even you can share your calendar with your colleague or contact you have on your Hotmail account. On this page, we will show you how one can add an appointment or mark an event on their email calendar.

Follow the simple steps to create a Calendar in Windows Live-

  • Foremost, you have to sign in to your Hotmail account.
  • On the current page, you will see a view option at the right corner or above your emails.
  • Hover the cursor to that option and change view between Month, Week or Day.
  • In order to add an event, select a date from a calendar and in the subject field enter a description of a word that describes the occasion.
  • Note: If you unintentionally click over a date tap ESC button to exit.
  • Then choose a time from the first option and then select how long it should remind you. You can select custom to add your start time and end time; you can select “All Day” if your event doesn’t have any particular timing.

Mark an event span multiple days:

  • For those events that emerge every day or second day in a row, you can either make the event span a multi-day duration or just make that event repeat every day.
  • The activity that lasts for a couple of days, choose a multi-day event or for a single day event, you would probably have to select an individual appointment for each of those days.
  • In the new event popup, select Custom as the duration in the second dropdown menu and select another date and time for the end of your event. You can tick the All Day checkbox to ignore the starting time.

Save your new event:

  • Tap on the save button to create an event until everything resides in memory and it will be gone if you close the tab. If you marked an event successfully added to your calendar, you will see added and then your description at the bottom of your page.

Hope this will help you to create and manage your events and meeting on a time. If you have any questions in order to configure your Hotmail calendar do contact us on Hotmail Technical Support Australia and get our technicians at your service