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How To Export And Import Contacts To Your Hotmail Account?

Leo Nicol 3 May, 2019 0

Want to export contacts from any other email provider to Hotmail or from Hotmail to any other email provider, it can be done in just a few minutes. You first need to export your list of contact into a CSV file and then import it to Hotmail and vice versa. Don’t know how to do that? No worries just follow the below steps accurately and get it done in no time.

Export Your List Of Contacts From Hotmail To A CSV File

  • First and foremost, sign in to your Hotmail account and then select People tab at the lower left corner of the window.
  • Now click on Manage option from the toolbar and select Export contacts.
  • Select whether you want to export all contact or just specified folder from your contacts and then click on Export.
  • At last, click Save on the bottom of the page to select the .csv file into your default download folder or click on the arrow next to Save and select Save as to change your preferred location.

After following above steps, you’ve successfully exported your contacts list to a .csv file and now you can import this file into other email apps.

Import The Contacts CSV File Into Your Hotmail Account

Before starting up with the process, make sure to encode your CSV file with UTF-8 encoding if you have used any language other than English in it. UTF-8 encoding helps to display and recognize contacts including characters which are not found in the English alphabets such as Greek, Arabic or Japanese. Now use the below steps to import contacts into your Hotmail account.

  • First, click on People tab on the bottom left corner of the page and then select Manage from the toolbar.
  • Select Import contacts and then click on Browse.
  • Select your CSV file from your desktop and then click on open.
  • Click Import and then it’s all done.

We hope you’ve successfully exported or imported contacts from your Hotmail account. We provide certified technical experts to deal with all your concerns with Hotmail and hold the proficiency to solve it all in no time. So if you are having any issue with your Hotmail or Outlook account, don’t dig further and contact Hotmail Support Number immediately.