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How To Fix Common Issues With Hotmail/Outlook Account

Leo Nicol 29 April, 2019 0

At times you are likely to face issues with your Hotmail or Outlook account which can be turned out really frustrating when you have some important stuff to do. In this blog, we are listing down solutions for various such issues that come up with Hotmail account. Before you get started with the process, make sure to check the status of Microsoft Office Online Services. Now follow the below guidelines to troubleshoot or fix issues with your account:

Issue: Inbox Is Not Loading Or Empty Inbox

Such an issue can arrive because of certain add-ons which are enabled on your Firefox browser. To fix the problem, try disabling add-ons one by one and keep checking if the Outlook works until you catch the wrongdoer.

Error: Something Went Wrong On Mac Devices

You are likely to see an error message “Something went wrong. We can’t get that information right now. Please try again later.” on your Macbook devices if your OS is not up to date. To fix the issue simply update your Mac to the latest macOS and Safari version. If still, that doesn’t work, try using any other browser or use private window.

Issue: Emails Not Loading

If your emails are not loading or taking too much time to load, running out of time, this can be because you have some ad-blocker enabled on your device. To fix this issue, simply remove the ad-blockers extensions from your browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Issue: Not Able To Send Emails

If your Microsoft Account is not up to date or validated, you can observe some unusual or unlikely behavior mail such as you may not be able to send emails to anyone. No need to panic as it is totally fixable and can be fixed within a couple of minutes. To do so, first, visit and validate your Microsoft account. After that update or complete your account profile and don’t forget to accept the Terms of Use.

Issue: Not Able To Read Emails In Google Chrome With AdBlock

You can face issues while reading or composing emails in Google Chrome when the AdBlock is enabled. Well, to fix this issue the only way is to exclude Google Chrome from AdBlock Settings. Now to do that click on AdBlock from the top right corner of the Chrome and then click don’t run on pages on this domain option. Refresh the page to make changes and then use your account trouble freely. If the problem persists, contact Hotmail Support Australia to get finest assistance regarding all issue with it.